New Zealand, it’s time to put Fairness in Focus.

Our public access to modern medicines is lacking. Kiwis generally don’t think about this until they struggle to access the treatment they need. We want to create a conversation surrounding medicines access in New Zealand so that together we can spark change.
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Breaking down the medicines access problem

New Zealand’s medicines access and funding environment is complex. Our explainer series helps to break down the complexity, so all Kiwis can be part of the conversation.

Our outdated policy means Kiwis don't access to the best medicines quickly enough.

Our model for medicine funding is the only one in the world that operates with a capped budget. Even when a medicine meets safety, quality and efficacy standards and is deemed to offer health benefits to patients, it is not guaranteed that it will be funded - often no decision is made at all, with many medicines being placed on a waiting list.
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Episode 1

The Knowledge Gap

We speak with everyday Kiwis about their understanding of medicines and  modern medicines access in New Zealand. We also look at where modern medicines come from and the important role the government service (Medsafe and PHARMAC)  play in the public access to medicines.

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